Monday, April 8, 2019

My toanga


My taonga is very special to me.  My taonga is a photo of me when I first woke up on the first day home from Auckland hospital.  In the photo, I was lying on the bed, under a green and white Winnie the Pooh blanket. It normally reminds me of what I looked like when I was a baby.  It was taken on September 12th, 2009. I got the photo when I was about 1 month and 4 days old. My mum bought it

Sunday, March 10, 2019

my character description

As I was diving in Ngarunui beach I saw a peculiar sight it looked like a Shark or is it a Crab its teeth was as sharp as a chainsaw and its eyes was as furious as 1,000 Bulls seeing a red carnival wearing red clothing on a red chair!!!
Its horns were as  sharp as a colossal Drill with an extension its hair was as orange as a fire made by fuel or a wall painted 20 times!!!

Its body included tremendously huge claws that stared back at me like a hawk eyeing its prey. Its tail was as vigorous as Brian Shaw punching a punching bag. The monster wore a light blue polo as if it was a human once .its wings were as big as as 15 school buses.

Its tremendously short tail  suddenly grew larger as it feasted on pieces of coral and its wings grew bigger by the second it must be about 43 metres up now “Wait how big is the space in the water”  I said
Suddenly it rubbed its tail against the sand really fast it somehow got deeper and deeper as soon as he was done i started cycling in a whirlpool in the middle of it he picked me up with his claws and talked to me if you could even call it that it sounded like a dinosaur mixed with a parrot voice .Suddenly i thought of the movie godzilla and since i found it i could name its name could be DANZILLA! As danzilla put me down he smiled at me i think he liked his new name as i went to shore waved bye
To danzilla

This week wrote description a made on  build my wild self build my wild self allows you to make characters out of animals.

Monday, February 25, 2019

my description

                                                                      THE BEACH                                                                       On the sand, the fragrance of sea salt filled the air. In the water driftwood hovered along at a snail’s pace on the water. The sweltering black sand scorched people’s feet. Annoying seagulls squawked in the air. The sun was as hot as a dragon breathing fire. The sky was as windy as a pirate ship’s sail in a storm! The trees moved like wobbling jelly in an earthquake. The atmosphere was as salty as salt flavoured chips.Turbulent and wild yet beautiful. What a stunning setting.


                                         This week i have written a description enjoy!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


It was like no place I’d ever seen before.  It was deserted, totally deserted! All I could see were abandoned wheels, cars, rubbish and creepy fish skeletons. The atmosphere felt spine tingling. It smelt like a polluted island hovering on salty sea water. When I moved close to the water, it smelt really gross and disgusting.

As I walked by, I had the most brilliant idea in the world…..I could grab my boogie board and slide down the sand dunes! As I got closer to the car to retrieve my boogie board I could smell the sweet aroma of delicious chocolate bars, sandwiches and other delectable treats within the colossal parking area.

As I descended  down the hefty sand dunes, I could feel grainy, delicate sand on the steep slope.  I tumbled like the wheels moving on a car, all the way down the sand dune. At the bottom of the hill I felt a rush of excitement as the experience was thrilling.  When I walked up again, the sand felt scorching hot! It felt like I was standing on top of an oversized bonfire in the desert. When I launched off the top the second time, I felt much more confident as I knew what to expect.  I tumbled once more but I knew everything would be ok. On my third and final turn, I slid down more carefully because I was sick of tumbling down and wanted to have more control.

Overall the sand dunes were fun ,creepy and cool at the end i felt sad because we needed to go home but at the same time i felt happy because i went to the sand dunes and i rided down the sand dunes.As i went into the car i felt like i was still there .When iwent home i felt fine because i could still go again some time soon like maybe even next holidays or even tomorrow.

this week i have written a recount enjoy

The bug menu !